Hacks And Mods
Windows XP Enhanced

cmd.exe - command line mod to put current directory path in title bar and to implement single instance behavour.
regedit.exe - regedit mod to implement a basic address bar
ntvdm.exe - dos emulator mod to increase screen update speed in windowed mode
user32.dll - user32 mod to allow dissabled windows (parent frozen by child dialog) to be moved and resized

cmd.exe - command line mod

The standard behavour of cmd.exe is to retain the current caption text of the console window that it finds it self attached to. Since the initial caption text is the process name then all command windows will have the exact same caption prefix. C:\Windows\System32\Cmd.exe. This is close to the most useless behavour possible.

This mod replaces the useless process name with the current directoy of the console window, the caption is updated on change of directory or current drive letter, update of the caption is supressed during batch file execution and will be update once on return from the batch. To be of most use to the taskbar only the last directory in the path is displayed, in the case where this directory has 3 or fewer characters the its parent is also shown.

This mod also implements single instance behavour, when a new command process is created with the "cd" argument and the specified directoy matches that of an existing console window then that existing window will be restored and set as forground window, this new behavour is very useful in conjunction with the right-click cmd-here context menu in explorer.

cmd.exe - Download

regedit.exe - registry edit mod

Regedit has a serious flaw which was never fixed, the lack of an address bar. So many a times have I spent ages drilling down to a registry key when in the adjacent window the entire string sits in plain text ready to be copied and pasted into the non-existant address bar. After all these eons this has now been fixed.

regedit.exe - Download

ntvdm.exe - dos emulator mod

On windows XP some dos software may appear laggy when running in windowed mode, this mainly applies to software which writes directly to the emulated video memory as apposed to using bios calls to update the display. For peformance reasons writes to the emulated video memory are not caught by the emulator, changes to the screen therefore go unseen until a bulk update is peformed syncronising the emulated video memory with the Console Window.

The standard behavour is to update the screen every 100ms causing excessive lag, this mod reduces that update time to every 10ms. The windowed console will now be responsive and dos text editors such as edit.com will now actually be useable.

ntvdm.exe - Download

user32.dll - window behavour mod

The standard behavour of windows is that when a Modal dialog box is created its parent window is dissabled, a dissabled window is a solid and unmoving monolith, fixed steadfast within the screen. Situations may some time arise when a maximized window shall spawn a modal dialog box. In this case it is impossible to have any other window aside of this dialog because a click on the dialog will bring its parent to the top of the pile and cover all other windows.

This mod allows such dissabled windows to be moved and resized, it does so by hooking the only mouse message that is sent to a dissabled window WM_SETCURSOR. Right click draging within the dissabled parent window will allow it to be moved, and when the ctrl key is held down it can be resized. The mouse is not captured however so drag will stop if ever the mouse leaves the area of the parent, draging too close to the edge of the window can cause this as the window will lag behind the cursor to some degree.

user32.dll - Download