64 bits – the beginning

Finally I have done it, after almost a year of preparation (not continuously of course)  I have at last installed a working 64 bit install of windows 2003. So much work was needed just to get to this point and so much more will be needed just to get back to where I was with the 32bit install.

Tasks completed

  • Created 64bit version of Inexperience Patcher, no source code was available for the old one so I wrote my own code from scratch, though I did use the assets from the existing one.
  • Created 64bit WPA crack (I really could not find an existing one for x64). I used the 32bit crack Anti-WPA 2.3 as a guide, luckily the obfuscation and encryption was near identical so I did not loose too much hair.
  • Created install iso: Located suitable source iso. Used nlite to tune and remove bloat. Slip-streamed hacked AHCI driver. Fixed custom “Program Files” directory.
  • Added preliminary 64bit support to ExeModifier.
  • Patched ntfs.sys (using ExeModifier) to completely disable permissions (a totally worthless feature on a single-user machine which only gets in the way).

Tasks outstanding (off the top of my head)

  • Determine solution for the 32/64 conflict of DLL loading. Its retarded that the loader just stops searching after the first dll it finds regardless of whether it can load it or not.
  • Learn and understand x64 exception handling and add support to ExeModifier
  • Research the user-kernel-user exception swallowing issue and find a solution, seriously what the fuck were they thinking.
  • Port all remaining mods to 64bit
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