64 bits – sometimes going against the grain gets you bitten

When I installed 64bit windows I used custom paths for the “Program Files” directories.
x64: C:\ProgsNT
x86: C:\ProgsNT\x86

Windows setup was not at all willing to facilitate this arrangement, but after a small hack it became complacent. Anyway, the install succeeded and all was seemingly well. That is until a few days later when I finally discovered the unexpected consequences of this arrangement.

This ridiculous set of nested directories was the unexpected consequence of this arrangement. Various files which had been installed were randomly scattered on the different nest levels of this mess of directories.

My non-standard directory layout has uncovered a strange bug in the msi installer system, and now I need to reinstall windows again to fix this mess. Serves me right for being so picky.

x86: C:\ProgsNT86
So I have now changed the 32bit “program files” directory to this, the msi installer is no longer shitting itself, but I need to redo all my setup again due to this stupid decision. But I have learned a valuable lesson, be really careful when going against the grain, or you might get bitten.

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