The exe-modifier.

For many years I have worked on the insanity which is my exe-modifier. This insane piece of software is basically a linker which can insert objects into an existing executable. This allows one to make extensive changes to an existing binary and implement whole new functionality and features. This new code can be written in c/c++ and closely integrated into the existing code.

There is little documentation on how to use this software and only a handful of example projects, the source code includes two examples, neither of which use even a fraction of all the features this software has haphazardly grown over the years. If anyone actually has any interest in using this abomination I am willing to assist them into getting started with the garbage. I will write some docs in the rare case that anyone takes interest.

Example, the music calculator.
This is a fun example which reveals the power of the exe-modifier.
I have taken the standard windows calculator and modified it to implement a rotating sine-bow behind the buttons and to play music from an embedded module file.  The code for this example can be found in the exe-modifier source code as “example2”. I have always been exceedingly pleased with this example, as well as being a great example for the exe modifier, its also the only demo like thing I have ever made.


exe modifier release on github

The music featured in the example:
happiness_island.mod, by Bernard Sumner, 1993


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