When the standard is wrong

Ah standards, the dictatorship of a few cunts who have no real world experience defining how things should be done. Standards committees blunder forward making a huge mess that can never be fixed and we would have probably have been better off without them. At least with defacto standards the good prevails and the bad withers and dies, with formal standards the bad persists forever and nothing new can replace it without the say so of the few moldy old cunts who control said standard.

One thing which is even worse is when the standard takes something which already exists and redefines it differently, fucking up all that came before for no good reason except that in their dictatorship they are the ultimate authority and everyone else can fuck off.

Now what brought on this rant is the C function wprintf. This function was invented by Microsoft to support their UCS2 character set on windows NT. The format specifier for string was altered such that %s always matches the type of the output string, this allows the same code to be compiled as ansi or wide string facilitated by a few simple macros, the format string itself is the same in both cases.

When the c standard cunts finally woke up a decade later and decided to adopt this function, they did not take it as is, no they completely inverted the meaning of a fundamental part, the %s formatter. This made it basically 100% incompatible with windows, the system that created the fucking function. Fuck those pile of cunts,  you took a function you did not create and twisted it to serve your own purposes completely fucking up all windows code in the process.

Those responsible for this crime against all of computing deserve death by crucifixion, they really do. They had no right to redefine that function, it was already well established for a fucking decade, the change they made can not even be argued to be better, its strictly less functional than how Microsoft defined it. Fuck them I hope they die of cancer soon.

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