C# is a complete piece of shit.

So today I attempted to use C#, my opinion of it has converged with my previous opinion all those years ago. C# is a complete piece of shit that sucks all the life out of coding. Doing anything in this language is an absolute chore. Its verbose to such a ridiculous degree, always whining over some minor thing.

The one thing that really triggered me is the complete inability to declare a simple array of constant struct data. Such a simple task, but in C# it requires such a ridiculous amount of extra syntax.

struct Test {
  public string x;
  public int y;

Test[] test = new Test[] {
  new Test { x="a", y=1 },
  new Test { x="b", y=2 }

What the fuck is this shit, why the fuck is everything so fucking verbose and hideous in C#, the whole language is like this. Coding in C# causes me physical pain. I converted an entire GUI application from C# to C++ because of shit like this, it just killed me to work with this language. C# does not even have macros, such a verbose language could have really done well with macros, but no. Piece of crap

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