C’s biggest mistake

Now C has taken much criticism over the years, and justly so, it has many faults. But there is one problem with the C standard which I think is far worse than all others, it has caused decades of pain and it still hurts to this day.

The FILE stream. This piece of shit can only be used with files. If they had just included but a single callback function, this thing could have been so useful. Streams are used everywhere in software and they are so useful, you can have the same code seamlessly operate on multiple sources of data, but in C we do not have that for the lack of a single function pointer.

I crave functional streams for C, one could of course make their own stream but that is totally incompatible with the rest of the C file libraries and also incompatible with other code that reads and writes files. Why has nobody even proposed to fix this travesty in all this time, the world shall be not but shit until this is corrected.

When I become leader of this world, I will of course correct this abomination. I will retroactively correct the C standard to implement proper streams, all existing software irregardless of age shall be corrected to reflect the change, all documents refereeing the original will be altered, and all historic records of this event will be expunged. In the future historians will never know of the travesty that was corrected.


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