Windows 7 is such a piece of shit, part 3

The permissions UI is so profoundly awful, for some retarded reason they decided that it would be read only by default and to actually edit the permissions you have to click edit, which brings up a second identical dialog to the one you were already on but enabled for edit. What the fuck, this thing is so confusing, it took me so long to figgure out what the fuck was going on. Why did they do this, the longer I use this piece of shit the more things I notice are fucked up. I just feel less effective using this piece of crap because of all the stupid brain-damaged changes. Seriously what the fuck were they thinking, almost every change made since xp is objectively worse. Using this thing makes me want to self immolate.

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  1. LinuxUser says:

    Stop using windows? Why are you not using Linux?

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