Another reason why Microsoft is completely brain-dead

So recently I have updated my programming tools, I am now using Clang with the Universal windows C runtime, this new runtime improves standards compliance, and was a clean break from the mistakes of the past. Or so I thought. But it turns out in the places where it could have really made a difference, the utter shit of the past persists to this day.

execl("spawn_test", "test arg1", "test arg2", "test arg3", NULL);

Consider this, passing three arguments to a sub-process, not too much to ask it is. Works like a charm on Unix. But Microsoft in their infinite pool of retardation just dumbly concatenates these strings together with zero regards for the fact the arguments need to be quoted on windows, and this has never been fixed, not even in the New Universal C runtime. Seriously what the fuck, these functions are completely and utterly worthless and you still don’t fix them. Coding on windows is fucking bullshit.

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